Classic Lanes

Open Bowling

We have open bowling at all times. Open bowling is bowling that is open to non league bowlers and enjoyed by all ages! Ramps are provided for handicap or small children. We also provide a wide range of bowling balls to fit all sizes and ages. If you have children 10 or under you may request a children's bowling ball. The Rates and Hours are listed under the home tab. Come down and see us today!

League Bowling

We participate in sanctioned USBC leagues, meaning that your averages and awards are accepted nation wide. These leagues offer bowlers the opportunity to win prizes while enjoying the company of friends and teammates. League information is ever changing, specific dates and questions can be found by calling our center.



Our Center contains an in house restaurant catered to a bowling crowd! Freshly made pizzas, wings, sandwiches and sides that will complete your perfect bowling experience.

Bowling Ball Fittings and Drillings

We have wonderful and skillful staff that can take measurements of your hand and drill your bowling ball to fit perfectly. We can also order bowling balls, shoes and accessories for you. Drillings and fittings are based on specific needs, so stop on by and our staff will be glad to help!